Alanya Mayor Adem Murat Yücel and Alanya University Rector Prof. Dr. Mesut Güner signed the protocol for the Alanya Technopark Project today. Alanya Technopark, which will be built in cooperation with the Municipality and the University, will be completed in a short time and become the most important technology center of the region.

Technopark, which will be implemented in a short time with the joint efforts of both institutions, is planned to make a significant contribution to the technological development of Alanya and its surroundings. Alanya Technopark aims to make significant contributions to the economic and social structure of the district by supporting the technology and entrepreneurship potential in the region. In addition, the technopark is expected to contribute to the economic and social structure of Alanya, as well as provide great opportunities to young people and entrepreneurs in Alanya by supporting R&D and innovation activities. In addition to Alanya’s traditional sectors such as tourism and agriculture, Technopark will also encourage alternative initiatives. Technopark will serve as a platform to encourage collaboration between universities, technology companies and entrepreneurs in the region. With the Alanya Technopark Project, it is aimed to make Alanya an important technology center of the region by leading the economic and technological transformation of the region.

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