Do I need a residence permit for opening a bank account in Turkey?

Yes, you need to have a residence permit for opening a bank account in Turkey, as all banks impose such conditions. In some cases, you might need a work permit, so you should first of all obtain such documents, helped by one of our lawyers in Turkey. All the formalities of obtaining a residence and work permit, plus the ones for opening a bank account can be discussed.

Do I need a bank account in Turkey to obtain the residence permit?

Obtaining the residence permit in Turkey is not related to the local bank account. However, the authorities will ask for proof of your financial situation. Once the residence permit in Turkey is obtained, you should consider opening a bank account in order to make the necessary payments while living in Turkey.

Banking services offered in Turkey in 2023

Banks in Turkey offer a wide range of services, many of them tailored to the needs of clients, whether natural persons or company owners. Yet, there are specific facilities offered by the bank and mostly are free of charge. Money transfers inside and outside the country, ATM withdrawals, payments in the selected currency, plus other online banking services are normally part of the facilities provided by any bank in Turkey. It is extremely easy to make payments with your account in Turkey, whether online or visiting the bank. On the other hand, one must pay attention to the fees imposed for different banking services.