Seda building, is an established construction company in Turkey in Alanya is a beautiful city on the southern coast. We have been implementing the highest quality projects in Alanya for more than 20 years. We offer these projects, which we produce to the highest standards, at the highest level in a well-detailed manner. With the cooperation of our expert team of architects, we focus on producing our projects with a unique design and offering a wide range of options to make your life as comfortable as possible. Our professional team offers honest, reliable and effective service to help you move into your dream home.

Our Vision

Adding value to your living spaces and projects. To be an organization that creates value for our valued customers and employees while beautifying your living spaces.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide first-class service by prioritizing robustness, reliability and customer satisfaction in our projects we realize and realize.


The bid is submitted by the contracting companies to the tender project. The bids submitted are evaluated by the employer, and the contract is signed with the construction contracting company that offers the most suitable bid and construction begins.


Construction is the process of building suitable for the purpose of all kinds of production-based structures that correspond to human needs such as buildings, infrastructure, industrial industrial buildings. While construction typically takes place on site for a known customer, unlike manufacturing, it requires mass production of similar products without a designated buyer. Construction begins with planning, design and financing; and the project continues until it is built and ready for use.

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